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The following reading is the long explanation of relativity, as written in conceptual terms by Albert Einstein.

Light is not subject to relative measurement of its speed, moving at constant, but subject to differing rates of spatial travel through relative mediums.

The movement of the observer determines the speed the object moving will be measured at — Relative Time Simplified.

Relative time, is dependent on the apparent distance a thing travels to. Object A falls towards the earth, and its movement can be measured at different angles, and the observers distance from the phenomena, both determining the relative time the object reaches its position as observed. — Relative Time Simplified.

Relative position, is determined by place specifications. Object a, is x far away from any other object, thus its position is relative. — Position Relativity Simplified.

Simultaneity — when two events seem to occur at the same time, simultaneous, as seen by an observer.


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