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Genre(s): Mystery

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We’re all fascinated by mysteries and strange phenomena. But is the unexplained really unexplainable? In this irresistible new series, join science fiction legend William Shatner as we investigate all that’s weird in the world and attempt to find a logical, scientific explanation. From paranormal phenomena to weird and wonderful creatures, from medical oddities to mysterious disappearances, from bizarre natural disasters to mystical monster attacks, this absorbing series has a deliberately wide brief.

Strange Survival: The mystery of a falling man, Rocks that propel themselves, Killer ice balls falls from the sky and Pacific Northwest human foot discoveries.

Ghost Ship: Mysterious lights hover over a small town in Texas. Civilians’ stories of UFOs conflict with the Air Force’s claims of F-16s dropping flares. A fishing boat vanishes without a trace in California, only to be found entirely undamaged at the bottom of the ocean months later. “The Bloop” is the loudest sound heard in history, that is certain. But what caused it is the mystery. A scientist notices that cows always face either north or south, can they really sense the Earth’s magnetic poles?

Cocaine Mummies: When scientists run tests on mummies they find traces of cocaine in their hair. How did Ancient Egyptian pharaohs get the coca plant from South America to Egypt? The San Francisco sea lions from Pier 39 mysteriously vanish only to turn up in Oregon about a week later. A mysterious coded book that was found in Rome that has never been decoded. A Mexican tribe that can run hundreds of miles in a single day! How do they do it?

Grim Reapers: When a surfer is attacked by a Great White Shark, a pod of dolphins come over and save him. Were they protecting their young? Or were they protecting the surfer? A cat and dog at two separate retirement homes seem to be able to predict patients’ deaths. How is that possible? Is time travel possible? When a woman materializes out of nowhere it seems so. A skinny teenager lifts a car off of his uncle who was pinned beneath it while working on it. How did the teen weighing about 115 pounds lift a car all by himself?

Human Popsicle: Human sacrifice in New Hampshire. A child survives being frozen solid. Mysterious mountain lights and Ice circles visible from space.

Personality Transplant: A man develops characteristics of his heart donor. Ice forms perfect circles in rivers and A woman had two sets of DNA.

Mind Control: Woman survives gun shot, People with psychic powers and Two people save each other at different times.

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