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Genre(s): Music Exposed
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Rhianna and her songs, including “umbrella”, are disected. Videos slowed down to see what the human eye is incapable of seeing at normal speed. Hidden messages and sybolism revealed, Jay-Z discussed plus more.

What is Rihannas song Umbrella about? Is it about a device that protects us from the rain? Is it about a young womans love for a man? Is it about a young womans vagina; her umbrella which opens when rain falls, when it is wet? Building upon the spiritual concepts revealed in The Creator, the gods, Evil, and the Manipulation of Humanity, this documentary elaborates further on the demonic manipulation technology called possession. This documentary is the third in a series of films by Lenon Honor.

If you enjoyed this documentary, you may appreciate other documentaries by this filmmaker. You can view this and other films by Lenon Honor directly on his website @


The Workings of Evil – Part 1

The Workings of Evil – Part 2A

The Workings of Evil – Part 2B

The Workings of Evil – Part 3

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