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Wings of the Red Star: SU-25 Frogfoot!


Most of you have probably already seen video about Mi-24 Hind helicopter. So, I won’t repeat everything I wrote in that description.
This episode of Discovery Channel “Wings” follows the same way for making a crappy propaganda documentary. That’s why I have edited this video as well in order to remove everything totally unrelated to history of Frogfoot’s development and real operations of its use in Afghan war and Chechnya conflict.

Testaments of Russian and US pilots about SU-25 are very valuable. But this documentary misses so many things… For example it doesn’t refer to engines place far apart from centerline of fuselage in order to minimize chance of both engine being hit by one missile. They don’t describe what kind of rounds can a titanium cockpit withstand. They don’t say that every controls and systems are backed up by second systems in order to maximize survivability. Even cables for controlling surfaces are much thicker than in usual fighter planes in order to make it more difficult to be cut by fragmentations of AA missile warhead.
Instead of the above, Discovery Channel prefer to consume time on how poor Russian aviation was in 1997 and how they don’t fly and don’t have money to repair simulator facilities. And of course about “Evil Commie Empire” killing millions of poor civilians and mujahedeens aka friends of the USA, trying to revenge Soviets with Stingers!

It is your choice what to prefer. Documentary about flying machines or documentary about Soviet-Afghan war. But it shouldn’t be mixed in same documentary. That’s why I’ve edited this documentary. You always can see the original episode of this Discovery Channel “Wings of the Red Star” documentary.

Peace to your home!

PS: After this video I am going to return to “Voennoe Delo” videos.
PS2: Here is a video about Lipetsk Center as it was in 2004
Flights are conducted every day. Day and night. Every pilot flies at least once per week. – Here is a video of training dogfight of 4 SU-27 vs 4 MiG-29s at Lipetsk Center (2009). – Here is another training dogfight of 1 SU-27 vs 1 SU-27.
Discovery Channel presented only one, dark side of Russian “TOP GUN” school in rough 90s. Time passes, things change. Lipetsk Center today has new simulators, new systems for planes in service. New Yak-130, SU-34 are already in Lipetsk for re-training of fighter pilots for new types of fighters. SU-35 will come soon. First batch of PAK FA will be delivered there as well…

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