Free Documentary Online | Wings of the Red Star: MiG-25! Foxbat Deception!

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Genre(s): Military and War
Wings of the Red Star: MiG-25! Foxbat Deception!

The Great Old Discovery Documentaries! Not like the crap they show today!

After the first intelligence on the newest incredible MiG-25 fighter capable of Mach 3, US started development of their own fighter to beat MiG-25. Watching MiG-25 flying at airshows in Russia, Western experts thought that this is a very fast and very maneuverable dogfighter! And McDonnel Douglas started creation of a jet fighter of new generation, which would perform better than MiG-25 in everything, except of max speed, considering it as the technologically impossible at that time.

After defection of Belenko, MiG-25 was thoroughly examined and Western experts saw, that their estimations were wrong. MiG-25 is not and never was a dogfighter. But this wrong conclusion led the USA to build one of the finest air superiority fighter till our days. The F-15 Eagle.

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