Free Documentary Online | Wings of Russia: Naval Aviation. In Fleet’s Service. (Episode 16 of 18)

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Genre(s): Military and War
Wings of Russia: Naval Aviation. In Fleet’s Service. (Episode 16 of 18)

Naval drills in 70s. Hundreds of ships, thousands flying vehicles of Naval Aviation. Place of action – seas and oceans. Amphibians conduct reconnaissance. Antisubmarine planes and helicopters bring aboard

equipment for location and destruction of submarines.

Missile carriers work from shores. They can destroy an aircraft carrier of potential enemy… And very soon deck fighters will be introduced in service.

Following aircrafts are featuring in this film: IL-2, IL-4, Kittyhawk, Aerocobra, Catalina, Boston, Tu-2, MiG-15, MiG-17, MiG-19, IL-28, Tu-14, Tu-91, Tu-4, Tu-16, Tu-22, Be-12, IL-38, Tu-95RC, Tu-142, Tu-22M, Yak-36, Yak-38, Yak-141, MiG-29K, SU-33, SU-27UTG, SU-25UTG.

This is a documentary of “Wings of Russia” studio about history of development of Russian Aviation. It contains a lot of unique video footage. The documentary speaks about creation and development of fighters, bombers, helicopters, reconnaissance planes, hydro-planes, planes of civilian Aviation and also about sport and training Aviation, in the USSR and Russia.

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