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Jay-Z Exposed

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What do you know about jay-z?¬†Where did the roc or pyramid hand sign come from? A brief video on the exposure of Jay-Z’s involvment with the Illuminati.…

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The Industry Series

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Similar to The Music Industry Exposed. A compilation of material exposing musicians and the music industry Once again. Illuminati, secret societies and more. 9 hours of footage in this auto playing playlist. Get your …

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The Workings of Evil

Rhianna and her songs, including “umbrella”, are disected. Videos slowed down to see what the human eye is incapable of seeing at normal speed. Hidden messages and sybolism revealed, Jay-Z discussed plus more.

What is Rihannas song Umbrella about? Is …

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Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed

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Illuminati, the music industry and subliminal messages. Take a journey with us as popular songs are decoded and artists are placed under a microscope. Prepare to be amazed at what you’re going to witness; this exposure wasn’t difficult, its right …

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