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Genre(s): Business Lectures
Bouncing Back: Panel Discussion

This is an incredibly insightful and inspirational discussion on why failure in entrepreneurship happens, how to look for the signs of oncoming failure, and how to deal with failure. The panelists’ views cohere around the common themes of denial, anger and acceptance, and you will hear advice on how to take Microsoft head on, as well as how to embrace failure and learn from it by sticking around. Some pearls of wisdom here are: Be involved in the restructuring process of a failed company so that you can learn, and during rough times make sure to stay anchored.

Recorded: February 21, 2004; panel includes Kamran Elahian (serial entrepreneur), Keith Teare (CEO Santa Cruz Networks and Founder of RealNames), Kaleil Isaza Tuzman (Managing Partner, Recognition Group and Founder of GovWorks), and Professor Chuck Holloway (Moderator) Recorded: February 21, 2004

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