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Genre(s): Animals
Animal X Natural Mystery Unit – Animal Super Powers

Our vision of the world and our place within it is built on the foundation that we are this planet’s ‘supreme beings’……But what does this really mean? Are we the strongest, are we the fastest, what do we mean by intelligence and could we survive where other animals would perish?

The Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit goes in search of Animal Super Powers. Daniel and Natalie investigate whether humans truly are the most intelligent species on Earth. Could dolphins possibly be superior? It is claimed that they may have helped human consciousness evolve to where it is today.

Meet some of the world’s deadliest creepy crawlies, as Daniel and Natalie explore the latest buzz word in science – ‘bio-inspiration’. See how the deadly venom of spiders, snakes and scorpions is being used to cure humans. Join them as they investigate whether humans will one day be able to walk on the ceiling like spider man.

What if the world was to end tomorrow — who, or what would be the last left standing? Maybe the answer lies in the ancient wisdom and beliefs of the Indigenous people.

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